Turku PET Centre Scientific Seminars

PET Seminar room, 15:00 – 15:45

01.04.2019 PET basics PET basics
08.04.2019 Heidi Immonen Effect of bariatric surgery on liver metabolism
15.04.2019 Jarkko Niemelä Artificial intelligence – applications in radiotherapy
22.04.2019 Easter Easter
29.04.2019 Servey Nesterov Mission: possible—standardization of PET MBF quantification
06.05.2019 Thomas Keller Introducing my thesis: Radiosynthesis of [18F]F-DPA with Various Molar Activities for the Imaging of Neuroinflammation
13.05.2019 Salla Lahdenpohja Transition metal mediated 18F-fluorination at Turku PET Centre
20.05.2019 Mia Ståhle PET imaging of GLP-1 receptor expression in cardiovascular disease
27.05.2019 Oommen P. Oommen Glycosaminoglycan derived nanocarriers for drug delivery and imaging