Turku PET Centre Scientific Seminars

PET Seminar room, 15:00 – 15:45

4.9.2017 Weibo Cai Molecular Imaging, Image-Guided Drug Delivery, and Theranostics
11.9.2017 Reko Leino Smart and Sweet Molecules: From Mannose to Self-Assembling Rods,  Molecular Probes and Immunostimulatory Glycoclusters against Allergies and Cancer
18.9.2017 Julie Bolcaen Assessment of therapy response and differentiation between tumor recurrence and therapy-related effects in high-grade glioma using PET and MRI
25.9.2017 KLIP staff meeting. Risto Lahesmaa -sali
2.10.2017 Olli Tenovuo PET in the study of brain damage