Turku PET Centre Scientific Seminars

PET Seminar room, 15:00 – 15:45

3.9.2018 Lauri Nummenmaa Popularizing your science: Why, how and when?
10.9.2018 Maria Maunula How to succeed in the research funding world
24.9.2018 Rob Wust Cardiac dysfunctions
1.10.2018  Nina Sarja 18F-fluoride; molar activity and utility in radiosynthesis and biological applications.
15.10.2018 Sanna Laurila Uncovering links between BAT and satiation
29.10.2018 Anna-Kaarina Linna Academic publishing – potentials and pitfalls
12.11.2018 Tomas Keller TBA
26.11.2018 Claus Lamm Neural basis of empathy
10.12.2018 Francisco Lopez Picon TBA