Carimas is a general medical imaging processing platform developed in Turku PET Centre in Finland. Originally, Carimas was designed for visualization, segmentation and modelling of PET data only. However, the latest versions support processing of imaging data from most medical imaging modalities, such as CT and MRI.

Using Carimas, you can easily visualize your imaging data in many different ways, such as in 2D or 3D, or fuse images from different modalities (PET/CT, PET/MRI). Furthermore, Carimas provides a lot of advanced functions for researchers. For example, using ROI/VOI tools, the user can draw a region/volume of interest in manual, semi-automatic or automatic manner; using the modelling tools, the user can perform advanced analysis for his/her research data; using Heart tools, cardiac researchers can easily analyze their PET studies.


  • Multiple image data format support: DICOM, ECAT, Analyse, Interfile, Nifti, Interfile, MicroPET and general bitmap formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMP)
  • PACS support: available to connect to hospital PACS system


  • View images from transaxial, coronal, sagittal or any free direction
  • 3D view with color rendering or MIP
  • Move and rotate images freely in 3D space
  • Visualize image histograms or cut profiler lines

Static image tools

  • Calculate VOI statistics: mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, volume, etc…
  • SUV and percentage units

Dynamic images tools

  • Easy and fast visualization of dynamic data
  • Calculate sum or difference images, or view individual frames
  • Analyze time activity curves from VOIs or individual voxels

Segmentation tools

  • 2D ROI sets or 3D VOIs
  • Histogram tool for selecting voxels at value range.
  • Start region definition from some predefined 3D shape or draw your own
  • Create VOIs using masking and countour tools
  • Some 3D region growing segmentation tools exist also as separate plugin, like “syringe” and threshod tools
  • Scale, move rotate, smooth, combine the VOIs with easy visual tools
  • Save and reuse the VOIs in multiple studies, regardless of image type or resolution

Image fusion

  • File format independent image positioning
  • Coregistrate PET/MR/CT automatically


  • Use data from images or data files
  • Specify model parameters values and limits
  • Rescale data, define time ranges and exclude time points
  • Calculate parametric images from any model and parameter (separate plugin)

Existing models (trial has only first two)

  • Linear regression
  • Exponential fitting
  • Patlak
  • Logan
  • FUR index
  • Tracer specific models for water (with special license), ammonia, rubidium, acetate and flurpiridaz
  • Generic compartment models

Tools for heart analysis

  • Semi-automatic heart segmentation with manual modification tools
  • Analyze polarmaps in 3, 4 or 17 segment modes, pixel by pixel or draw your own ROI to polarmap
  • Use any models from the Carimas modelling library to create parametric polarmaps
  • Compare results side by side or save to data files

Lots of other features as plug-ins

  • Add to program easily from Carimas menu by just checking them from list
  • List of currently existing plug-ins can be found here: Go to external plugins archive