System requirements:
.NET 4.0+ for (2.10) or 2.0+ for older. Or alternative Mono framework

Currently we offer a Lite version of Carimas without any registration. The Lite version has only two models: Linear regression and monoexponential. Using Carimas as lite version requires a lite license that can be downloaded here:
Lite license

License files can be loaded into Carimas from the help menu. Getting the full version requires registration. The registration can be done from the help menu. License file will be then sent to you that unlocks full functionality of the software.

Windows installers (msi installer):
Carimas 2.10

All operating systems (zip archive):
Carimas 2.10

Older versions

The older program versions than 2.10 can be used by installing version 2.10, running the program and doing following things:

  1. Select from the menu: Help->Check Updates
  2. If the program says that there is no updates, click: “Advanced View”
  3. Check the “show all versions (also old)” -checkbox
  4. Downgrade the Core version to some of the older versions by clicking the red version number -button. The package versions can be seen in the description window on right when the Core is selected
  5. Close the module window and restart Carimas
  6. When program asks to update newest version, select: “Don’t install”


Carimas 2.9 User’s Guide

Old version 2.4:
General users guide for 2.4 (pdf)
Heart analysis guide for 2.4 (pdf)

Licensing information

External plug-in archive

There exists several additional plug-ins that can be downloaded and added to Carimas. Since version 2.9 all the plug-ins are handled trough built in plug-in manager which can be found from help menu of Carimas. List of currently existing plug-ins can be found here: Go to external plugins archive
NOTE: These do not belong to official Carimas and we give no guarantee of results calculated with these.