Turku PET Centre Scientific Seminars in 2020

PET Seminar room, 15:00 – 15:45

13.1.2020 Tiina Saanijoki
Pasi Kankaanpää
John Eriksson
Turku PET Centre in Turku Bioimaging and at the doorstep of Euro-Bioimaging – Future visions of biomedical imaging
20.1.2020 Marcus Sucksdorff Microglial activation predicts later disease progression in multiple sclerosis
27.1.2020 Sarita Forsback What does it take to get a new radiopharmaceutical ready for clinical use?
3.2.2020 Saeka Shimochi Neuroinflammation PET imaging in a rat model of neuropathic pain
10.2.2020 Seminar has been canceled.
17.2.2020 (No seminar) (Ski holiday week)
24.2.2020 Maria Grönman PET imaging of ischemic myocardial injury and angiogenesis
2.3.2020 Reetta Siekkinen Evaluation of a new digital PET/CT system for [15O]H2O myocardial perfusion imaging
9.3.2020 Pekka Ruusuvuori Artificial intelligence based diagnostics in digital pathology
16.3.2020 Elina Kontio
Tero Vahanne
Collaboration with TUAS Health Tech Lab and Health Campus Turku
23.3.2020 Samuli Arvola Novel methods for bone SPECT/CT
30.3.2020 (No seminar) (Annual course PET Basics)
6.4.2020 Jyri Lehto Production of 68Ga, 15O and [18F]F2 – Experiences on IBA Kiube cyclotron
13.4.2020 (No seminar) (Easter holiday)
20.4.2020 Risto Hirvilammi Optimization of myocardial perfusion imaging protocol for digital SPECT/CT system
27.4.2020 Marja Heiskanen Imaging the effects of exercise training
4.5.2020 Sanni Tuominen Imaging inflammation in head and neck cancer
11.5.2020 Tapio Lönnberg
Senthil Palani
(To be added)
18.5.2020 Jukka Kemppainen PSMA Targeted prostate cancer theranostics
25.5.2020 Riikka Viitanen VAP-1 as in vivo target for inflammation imaging
1.6.2020 Helen Cooper The inspiration to write funding applications
8.6.2020 Putri Andriana PET tracers targeting macrophage mannose receptor for imaging of myocardial infarction