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Turku PET Centre is an open access imaging facility that provides full range of research services for academic and industry users. Our staff is available for technical support in study design, imaging protocols and techniques, post-processing and data analysis, data interpretation, and training. We also provide services on contract and budget negotiations and all the legal aspects related to the contracts. Various animal models for human diseases (e.g. mouse, rat, rabbit, and pig models) are also available to users.


Main services


  • Synthesis and development of radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals
  • Animal and human PET, CT, and MR imaging studies and their combinations
  • Clinical phase I-IV imaging studies
  • Blood sampling, metabolite analyses, and pharmacokinetic modelling
  • Assistance with study design and image analyses




  • Three cyclotrons (TR19, CC18/9, IBA Cyclone 3D), 68Ge/68Ga generators (radionuclide production)
  • Automated radiochemical production systems (20 hot-cells in GMP)
  • GE Discovery MI PET/CT
  • Siemens Vision PET/CT
  • Siemens Vision Quadra PET/CT
  • CPS HRRT (brain/animal PET)
  • GE Healthcare Signa 3T PET/MRI
  • Siemens Inveon (small animal PET/CT)
  • Raycan animal PET/CT
  • Molecubes animal PET and CT
  • Fuji FLA-5100, BAS-5000, BAS-1800II phosphor imaging devices (autoradiography)
  • Acuson (Doppler echocardiography)
  • VisualSonics Vevo2100 (small animal ultrasound)
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum (optical imaging system)


Available radiotracers


Turku PET Centre has a unique capacity of more than 70 different PET tracers both for preclinical and human studies. See Tracer menu below for the most frequently asked tracers. Do not hesitate to ask for other options – there are many!


Tracer menu, selected examples:
F-18 Tracers C-11 Tracers Ga-68 Tracers O-15 Tracers
[18F]FDG [11C]Methionine [68Ga]DOTATOC [15O]H2O
[18F]FDOPA [11C]Metomidate [68Ga]DOTANOC [15O]CO
[18F]CFT [11C]Acetate [68Ga]Siglec9 [15O]O2
[18F]F [11C]Carfentanil [68Ga]RGD
[18F]FTHA [11C]PIB
[18F]FBPA [11C]PK11195
[18F]EF5 [11C]MADAM
[18F]FE-PE2I [11C]PBR28
[18F]FMPEP-d2 [11C]Raclopride
[18F]F-PSMA [11C]SMW139
[18F]Fluorocholine [11C]UCB-J



Service fees


Every project is unique in terms of imaging protocols, tracers, laboratory work, and image post-processing and analysis. Therefore, the service package and fees are always negotiated separately for each project. Please contact Research Manager for details on pricing.


Starting a new PET study in Turku PET Centre


Each imaging study conducted in Turku PET Centre is individually designed in cooperation with our coordinating professors and other PET imaging experts. The projects are charged for imaging time, radiotracers, and for any laboratory and/or data analysis support. Please contact Research Manager for estimates on the resources, time, and total costs of your study.


How to apply for a new, non-commercial, PET imaging study in Turku PET Centre?


  • Contact our Research Manager (contact.pet@tyks.fi) for an initial discussion about your project idea, study protocols, and tracers available to you as early as possible. Research Manager will guide you forward in the process.
  • Before starting, your project needs to be approved in the Turku PET Centre Scientific Project Group (SPG) which evaluates new project proposals once a month. The process works in two phases:
    • For phase 1, you need only a short summary of your idea, which will then be discussed in the first round in the SPG meeting and you will get guidance on the feasibility of the study and how to improve the study plan. After the first round evaluation you are also advised to apply for other consents relevant to your study. These may include e.g.
      • ethical approval from Ethics Committee of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland (clinical studies)
      • Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) notification of a clinical trial (phase I-IV clinical trials) or a clinical device trial
      • research permit from Turku University Hospital (clinical studies)
      • project licence from the Animal Experiment Board (preclinical studies)


  • For the second round of SPG evaluation, you need to submit the specified forms describing the study plan details, ethical approvals, and study budget. You will be guided on this process by the SPG during the first-round meeting and if assistance is required in filling the forms, our Research Manager will help you.


  • Contact Research Manager for service and rate agreement.
  • Other requirements regarding investigators and their responsibilities depend on the nature of proposed project. These may include e.g. Finnish medical doctor degree or a qualification to perform animal experiments. All new users operating in Turku PET Centre facility are obligated to pass radiation safety examination and become acquainted with Turku PET Centre quality system as applicable. Consult Research Manager for more details.
  • Once the study is fully approved by Turku PET Centre and relevant authorities, you are invited to start requesting imaging slots for your project. Note that scheduling is implemented on a quarterly basis.



Publications and acknowledgements


Please note that if you have used any of the Turku PET Centre services for your publication, you are expected to recognise Turku PET Centre for its contribution. The type of recognition (acknowledgement vs. authorship) depends upon the individual project and the contribution of Turku PET Centre scientists. The type of recognition should be established at the beginning of the project, so that both user and Turku PET Centre scientist are knowledgeable of each other’s contributions. Once your publication is in press, please report it to Turku PET Centre.