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For Industry

Turku PET Centre provides variety of services for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare industry, including health technology.

Our services, which comply with the GMP, GLP, GCP quality requirements, include for example

  • Study planning and management
  • Patient and subject recruitment
  • Wide variety of clinical measurements
  • Imaging studies with different modalities (PET, MRI, CT, US, and their combinations)
  • Data analyses and interpretation
  • Medical writing


Specifically for PET R&D we offer complete solution staring from the tracer development

  • Versatile Radionuclide Production
  • Advanced Radiochemistry
  • Wide-ranging Preclinical Imaging
  • Recognized Clinical Research
  • Reporting

Our location within the second largest University Hospital in Finland provides excellent access to different patient populations. We also work in close collaboration with the local CRO, Clinical Research Services Turku (CRST) Ltd (http://www.crst.fi/), who can take care of many practical parts of a research project letting us to focus on imaging studies. In preclinical studies we work in collaboration with Turku Center for Disease Modeling (http://www.tcdm.fi/) and via them have access to various animal models for human diseases.



  • Three cyclotrons (TR19, CC18/9, IBA Cyclone 3D), 68Ge/68Ga generators (radionuclide production)
  • Automated radiochemical production systems (20 hot-cells in GMP)
  • GE Discovery MI PET/CT
  • Siemens Vision PET/CT
  • Siemens Vision Quadra PET/CT
  • CPS HRRT (brain/animal PET)
  • GE Healthcare Signa 3T PET/MRI
  • Siemens Inveon (small animal PET/CT)
  • Raycan animal PET/CT
  • Molecubes animal PET and CT
  • Fuji FLA-5100, BAS-5000, BAS-1800II phosphor imaging devices (autoradiography)
  • Acuson (Doppler echocardiography)
  • VisualSonics Vevo2100 (small animal ultrasound)
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum (optical imaging system)


Available radiotracers

Turku PET Centre has a unique capacity of more than 70 different PET tracers both for preclinical and human studies. See Tracer menu below for the most frequently asked tracers. Do not hesitate to ask for other options – there are many!

Tracer menu, selected examples:
F-18 Tracers C-11 Tracers Ga-68 Tracers O-15 Tracers
[18F]FDG [11C]Methionine [68Ga]DOTATOC [15O]H2O
[18F]FDOPA [11C]Metomidate [68Ga]DOTANOC [15O]CO
[18F]CFT [11C]Acetate [68Ga]Siglec9 [15O]O2
[18F]F [11C]Carfentanil [68Ga]RGD
[18F]FTHA [11C]PIB
[18F]FBPA [11C]PK11195
[18F]EF5 [11C]MADAM
[18F]FE-PE2I [11C]PBR28
[18F]FMPEP-d2 [11C]Raclopride
[18F]F-PSMA [11C]SMW139
[18F]Fluorocholine [11C]UCB-J


Service fees

The service package and fees are always negotiated separately for each project. Please contact Research Manager (contact.pet@tyks.fi) for details on pricing.


Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have a research project in mind.