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Instrumentation and Modelling

PET instrumentation

PET Instrumentation includes all development work done with our PET, PET/CT and MRI scanners, oxygen-15 production systems, and PET blood and metabolite laboratory methods. As most of our PET studies are quantitative, validation of used methods and correction algorithms for scatter correction, attenuation correction, partial volume effect correction, Time of Flight etc need phantom measurements as well as comparison measurements with human data.

PET dosimetry

The aim of the PET dosimetry is to develop a method for radiation dose estimate. There are equivalent dose and effective dose estimates in literature for well-known PET tracers.

PET modelling

The aim of the PET modeling is to support the medical PET research projects with best possible analysis tools to evaluate the physiological and kinetic behaviour of various PET tracers in the body. Physiological parameters e.g. perfusion, oxygen and glucose consumption, enzyme activity or receptor density and occupancy can be quantified by specific mathematical models and software.


  • Valentino Bettinardi (Hospedale San Raffaele, HSRA, Milan, Italy)
  • Esa Eronen, Physicist, Lic.Sc.(Tech.)
  • Jukka Haaslahti (HIDEX Inc., Turku, Finland)
  • Jaana Hiltunen (National Public Health Institute , Finland)
  • Prof Olli Nevalainen (UTU, Dept. of ICT)
  • Prof. Jarkko Kari (UTU, Dept. of Mathematics, Finland)
  • Tom Kuusela (UTU, Dept. of Physics, Finland)
  • Prof. Hidehiro Iida (National Cardiovascular Research Center – Research Institute; Department of Investigative Radiology, Osaka, Japan)
  • Nobuyuki Kudomi (Kagawa University, Japan)
  • Patricia Iozzo (Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy)
  • Ulla Ruotsalainen (TUT, Tampere University of Technology Tampere, Finland)
  • Roman Krais (MPI, Cologne, Germany)

Internal and external funding

  • Tekes, the National Tecnology Agency
  • Cancer Research Foundation of Finland
  • Turku University Foundation


Doctoral theses

  • Ulla Ruotsalainen: Quantification and data analysis in positron emission tomography: organ blood flow, graphical analysis and radiation dosimetry. TUT Signal Processing Laboratory 1997. Tampere University of Technology: Publications 224. 120 pp.
  • Sakari Alenius: On noise reduction in iterative image reconstruction algorithms for emission tomography: median root prior. TUT Signal Processing Laboratory 1999. Tampere University of Technology: Publications 265. 117 pp.
  • Samuel Nyman: NMR spectroscopic applications to biomedicine. Department of Chemistry 2001. University of Turku: A1 277. 156 pp.
  • Mika Teräs: Performance and Methodological Aspects in Positron Emission Tomography. Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine 2008. University of Turku: D 830, 122 pp.

Licentiate’s theses

  • Kalle Koskensalo: Determining the fatty acid compositions of human brown and white adipose tissues in vivo using clinical proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Department of physics 2020, University of Turku, 77 pp.

Master theses

  • Päivi Mähönen: Transfer of PET images to radiotherapy planning. TUT Ragnar Granit Institute 1993.
  • Jarkko Rintaluoma: Attenuation correction in positron emission tomography. TUT Signal Processing Laboratory 1995.
  • Petri Varjolampi: Measuring the radioactivity of gases with flow-through detector in PET-studies. TUT Ragnar Granit Institute 1995.
  • Jari Hirvonen: Statistical analysis of PET images with SPM program. TUT Ragnar Granit Institute 1996.
  • Esa Eronen: Medical image registration. HUT Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics 1998.
  • Petri Numminen: Short transmission acquisition with MRP reconstruction method in order to obtain attenuation correction factors in positron emission tomography. University of Turku, Department of Applied Physics 1999.
  • Anne Seppänen: Fractal analysis of PET images. University of Turku, Department of Applied Mathematics, 2002. (in finnish)
  • Kaisa Sederholm: Global optimization in positron emission tomography modeling. University of Turku, Department of Applied Mathematics, 2003. (in finnish)
  • Hanna Suominen: Yleistettyyn lokeromalliin perustuva spektraalianalyysi positroniemissiotomografia-mallintamisessa. University of Turku, Department of Applied Mathematics, 2005. (in finnish).
  • Harri Merisaari: PET-kuvien partiaalivolyymikorjauksen tekevän ohjelmiston suorituskyvyn testaus. Turun yliopisto, informaatioteknologian laitos, tietojenkäsittelytieteet, 2005.
  • Jani Kuivalainen: Kuvakohtainen liikekorjaus PET-kuvauksessa. Turun yliopisto, fysiikan laitos, 2008.
  • Anselm Tamminen: Vismuttisuojien käyttö TT-angiografiakuvauksesta potilaalle aiheutuvan säteilyannoksen vähentämisessä, 2009.
  • Kalle Koskensalo: A comparison between two MRI devices with different field strengths in spectroscopic use, University of Turku, Department of physics and astronomy, 2013.
  • Jukka Ihalainen: Kliinisten 1H MR-spektroskopiatutkimuksien yhdenmukaisuuden arviointi laitevalmistajien välillä. Turun yliopisto, fysiikan laitos, 2020.

Research articles and abstracts

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