19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Clinical laboratory
The clinical PET-laboratory provides services for PET modelling and PET research groups. All laboratory analyses are run according to GLP.


Dosing of various 11C- and 18F-radiopharmaceuticals is performed manually in laminar flow cell or in case of the most generally used radiotracer, [18F]FDG, the semi-automatic patient dosing system is used.


The total radioactivity of blood, plasma and urine samples is obtained by two automated gamma counters (1480 Wizard 3″, Wallac, Turku).
Arterial whole blood radioactivity concentration can be measured with an automatic blood sampling system (ABSS, consisting of on-line blood sampler and a detector). Currently, there are four systems installed, two made by Scanditronics/GEMS and two made by Allogg.


Metabolite analysis
Ratio of radioactive metabolites and unchanged radiotracer are analysed in plasma samples with radio-HPLC and radio-TLC to achieve input function for kinetic analysis and quantification of the images.


15O production and dosing
Production of 15O-labelled gases, oxygen and carbon monoxide and as well as radiowater, is performed with the onsite IBA Cyclone 3 cyclotron.


Glucose tolerance test
The blood glucose concentration is determined using the glucose oxidase method with three Analox GM7 Analyzers.