19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

The fundamental feature of Turku PET Centre is multidisciplinary internationally recognized research. This enables success in partnering with top international research teams as well as technology and pharma industry.


The main research lines are:

  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research
  • Neuroscience Research
  • Oncology Research
  • Preclinical and Translational Research
  • PET Radiochemistry Research
  • Instrumentation, Data processing, and Image Analysis Research


The typical research at Turku PET Centre is investigator-driven bottom-up science involving basic, translational, and clinical research. It aims not only to research breakthroughs but also to new potential clinical diagnostic methods and treatments. The research is based on national and international collaboration and networking and to be successful, intensive integration between tracer development and preclinical and clinical investigation is needed.

In parallel to the academic research, Turku PET Centre performs also shared-cost and industry-sponsored research under the main research lines in collaboration with the pharmaceutical and other medical industry. These studies must be financially and ethically sustainable. As a National research institute, Turku PET centre serves also investigators in the whole Finland.